Buyback & Burn Policy has automatic buyback BELT token burns at a rate of 50% of trading fees. 8% of yield is used to buyback BELT and burned.
$BELT buyback & burning is an automated system based off of yield from beltStrategy contracts ("earn") and trading fees ("swap volume") from Belt Finance's stableswap AMM.

Yield Buyback

From the earned yield, 8% is used for BELT buyback and burn.
This is calculated as:
    earn * 0.08 = belt buyback amount
This is done for each earn() transaction for each beltStrategy contract. This happens every 6 hours.
You can see an example transaction here:

Trading fee Buyback

50% of trading fees from swap volume are used to buyback and burn BELT.
This is calculated as:
    swap volume transaction fee * 0.5 = BELT buyback amount
The buyback() is executed one time a day from the accumulated amount in the swap contract:
You can see an example transaction here:
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