Vision & Roadmap


We will make a true cross-chain DeFi ecosystem. There are many coins that mirror Bitcoin like WBTC, renBTC, BTCB, .... and there are also many USD based stablecoins including BUSD, USDT, USDC, DAI, UST and more. The problem with this is that it is confusing to swap and store these in vaults. While the value of the coins themselves may be stable, generating high yield while keeping this safety is not the easiest process. makes pools of these tokens of the same nature (i.e. BUSD and USDT) and make it possible to swap these with very low fees and low slippage. This gives DeFi users the opportunity to keep the safe nature of their stablecoins while getting high rewards.

We at envision a future of immense interoperability in which you can maximize returns conveniently by adding liquidity to any pool of assets of any connected chain.

The team behind has been researching and developing interchain technology since incorporating in 2017 and creating Orbit Chain and related interchain-protocols. We launched Orbit Chain and it's Orbit Bridge IBC protocol, which bridges assets on N-to-N routes. We will continue making IBC (inter-blockchain communication) innovations with Orbit Chain to create a true cross-chain DeFi ecosystem. wil be the core protocol of this ecosystem.


Dark Blue = Phase 0; Purple = Phase 1

Early Schedule

2021. 02. 22

  • contract deployment on BSC (Binance smart chain)

2021. 02. 26

  • website launch

2021. 03. 10

2021. 03. 10

2021. 04. 21

2021. 05

  • Cross-chain expansion

More details will be added as the scheduling is set.