An overview of who we are and what we've done! is a protocol created by Ozys, a leading blockchain technology company incorporated in 2017. Ozys has worked closely with public chain foundations to create widely-used, cutting edge blockchain-based services with a heavy focus on DeFi and cross-chain interoperability.

Ozys is a member of the Klaytn Governance Council alongside multinational businesses and organizations including Binance, Huobi, MakerDAO, LG Electronics, and Kakao.

Ozys' various protocols, totaling over $5 billion in TVL, have undergone stable and secure operations with various audits including those by Certik (KLAYswap), QuantStamp (KLAYstation), Trail of Bits (EveryDAI), and SOOHO (Allbit).

Orbit Chain

Ozys' has it's own blockchain, Orbit Chain ($ORC), a PoS consensus chain founded in 2018 that integrates various blockchains to seamlessly connect the fragmented token economy. Orbit Chain currently stores, transfers, and verifies information and assets of 14+ public blockchains including Ethereum, Ripple, Klaytn, Terra, ICON, and Polygon.

Unlike other blockchains focusing on interoperability, Orbit Chain actually supports the unconstrained trading and transacting between assets on heterogeneous chains with **** the Orbit Bridge IBC protocol.

Orbit Bridge

The Bridge IBC is a protocol that allows origin chain assets to move to a destination chain. In essence, it’s a streamlined alternative to going to an exchange and swapping and swapping and swapping, incurring all the risk, complications, and fees associated with it. Orbit Bridge works completely through smart contracts based around Orbit Chain. Orbit Bridge is effective in supporting DeFi projects that use multiple types of assets. It solves liquidity problems that many DeFi protocols have by interacting with the liquidity of other chains. It also opens up the possibility for developers to easily use heterogeneous chain assets while building their projects and subsequently offers new growth opportunities for the everyday user.

Since launching in October 2020, Orbit Bridge has transformed the Orbit Chain ecosystem and furthermore, the ecosystems of the chains connected to it. Inter-Blockchain Communication, or IBC, through Orbit Bridge makes Orbit Chain a hub of cross-chain assets. With this position, we’ve had the accomplishments of adding great value to the overall DeFi ecosystem through liquidity injection and increased asset usability on heterogeneous chains.

Currently connecting Ethereum, Klaytn, ICON, BSC, and Ripple, Orbit Bridge has bridged over $13 billion USD worth of assets in over 360,000 transactions.

Orbit Bridge's Validators consist of world-class blockchain projects and include professional validators such as Hashquark and Everstake, along with the foundations of Mainnet projects such as Klaytn, ICON, and BSC.

Orbit Bridge has given massive liquidity to different protocols and subsequently, allows them to grow and flourish. In essence, we have given heterogeneous chains connected to Orbit Bridge (Klaytn, ICON, etc.) a tap into the massive liquidity of the Ethereum DeFi network. Orbit Bridge gives protocol developers of heterogeneous chains the ability to incorporate and use a multitude of ETH assets (e.g. ETH, USDT, DAI, ORC) to develop DeFi projects like yield farming and other protocols. It also gives more opportunities to the average holder as new assets will be available on different non-Ethereum DeFi protocols.


Ozys also has created various DeFi protocols. One of the most notable is KLAYswap, a Klaytn-based AMM DEX.

KLAYswap offers various liquidity pools built around the Ethereum assets that Orbit Bridge has moved to Klaytn as well as Klaytn's native tokens. Some of these assets are shown in the image above. KETH, KUSDT, KDAI, and KORC represent their Ethereum equivalents (ETH, USDT, DAI, ORC). KLAYswap users can use Orbit Bridge to convert their assets into these Klaytn Compatible Token (KCT) formats before providing liquidity to the KLAYswap liquidity pools and yield farming.

In just around 4 months after launching, KLAYswap has reached more than $1.2 B in TVL and has had over 400,000 transactions with over 100,000 unique users.


Another notable Ozys project is KLAYSTATION, a Klaytn staking tool. KLAYSTATION currently has over 200 million KLAY staked, and also provides SKLAY, a shadow liquidity token given for staked KLAY.

Ozys is committed to researching the interoperability of heterogeneous chains and further developing the DeFi ecosystem with better products and services. In doing so, ozys will create a more widespread audience and a stable blockchain ecosystem by allowing more DApp growth on various mainnets.

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