Security and Risks

RISKS is a decentralized platform based on smart contracts on respective blockchains. Please DYOR and use at your own risk.

Smart Contracts's initial smart contracts for its stableswap and yield optimizing were forked from, Curve, and Pickle Finance to combine the maximal benefits of the three.


Our first audit was conducted by SOOHO, a CONSENSYS-backed blockchain security firm.

You can check the audit report here:

Our second audit, for v2, was conducted by HAECHI AUDIT. You can check the audit report here:

Our third audit, for HECO Belt Finance, was conducted by SOOHO. You can check the audit report here:

We’ve started a full, comprehensive security audit focusing on v3 updates (including cross-chain swap) with DeDaub. They are a renown team of security experts and professors that have been trusted by the likes of the Ethereum foundation. This team was recommended to us by Immunefi for their impeccable work. This audit is expected to be completed in early/mid November and will be shared publicly then.

Bug Bounty

Belt Finance is extremely focused on security and has partnered with Immunefi for a bug bounty program. Explore Belt Finance's Immunefi program and find bugs to get a reward of up to $1M USD.

Belt Finance has been very committed to stability and security, and we’ve recently made the biggest bug bounty payout in DeFi history

(covered by Cointelegraph here: )

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